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X-Train Floorless


*All 3 cars are located in the same download

We are in no way affiliated with Maurer Sohne or its parent companies.

Everything is created for fun and enjoyment purposes only.

Remember to read the text files located within your download as they contain important information & instructions.

About ImagineerJohn's Maurer Sohne Car Concept Designs:

Maurer Sohne technology is now brought back into roller coaster tycoon 3. We have the X-Car, now we have the X-trains and S-Car. Creations based on designs from the innovative company Maurer Sohne!

|Any length train from 8 peeps onwards
|Animated restraints
|Front car X design
|*Includes water breeze effect

X-Train 2 Seater Floorless:
|Any length train from 4 peeps onwards
|Animated restraints
|Floorless cars

|*Includes water breeze effect

|Free spinning cars
|Animated restraints

Car Details:
|Design : ImagineerJohn
|Creation : ImagineerJohn
|Based On : Maurer Sohne X-Car Seat, S-Car, X-Train

* X-Train and X-Train Floorless pictures & video footage courtesy from Towersdude

* S-Car pictures & video footage courtesy from At_Mad